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Marie-France O’Leary was born in Quebec. She traveled a lot and she decided in the 90’s to settle in Burgundy between Nevers and Dijon, next to the Morvan. In a place named, le Beauvais, at Saint-Saulge. She has developed, in her wonderful home, a place where it is possible to relax and where you can set free from your anxieties by receiving an energetic therapy or massages. Concealed emotions resurface which conveys the body a feeling of deep freedom.


The house is cozy with a warm atmosphere; it was decorated and designed by her son, a famous architect. A 5 hectares park, with flowers and a nice landscape that will appeal to you and will make you feel good because you get a lot of positive energy and you are surrounded with a warm team that is there for you. You can stay there for a week or a few days depending on what you want, you can experience all this with a group or by yourself, it is as you wish.


There are interesting and affordable rates. Marie-France O’Leary offers you different types of well-being sessions, for instance you can walk and abstain yourself from eating by exploring the hiking paths of the area or you can participate in several workshops such as singing, theater, dance and massage with professionals organizers whose enthusiasm is linked with the pleasure of living and creating. She’s been a writer since she was a teenager, she also loves art and organizes exhibitions for artists that come from all over the world and she schedules events that gather a varied public.


The region is enriching, the house is soothing, there are multiple possibilities to have beautiful encounters; the Beauvais is here to welcome you.